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Thank you so very much for all the FREE resources you make available to us. it’s such a first-class organization, and it has really changed my life.I feel I’m at a loss for words for the value you offer, and I am grateful to be a part of this incredible organization!Ever the authentic and kind stereotype buster, Deb is always craving her next great conversation, creamy cup of coffee, and chance to use the F-word."My name is Heidi Wodrich, MA LCPC NCC; I am a licensed and nationally certified psychotherapist and I am ready to offer my support to help you manage or remove the obstacles impeding your journey towards a more joyful life.Through her patient support and guidance, I was able to move on from those fears, with long-term plans and best practices to help me along my journey. I became tired of the same relationship pattern and wanted to break the cycle as well as have a satisfying social life.That’s when I sought the coaching services of Julie Wadley with Eli Simone.:-) My experience in working with Julie Wadley, if I had to sum things up, has been positively life changing.

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Where would you be if the NBA never worked out for you -- the money, the fame, the whole package?

If you are seeking direction in life decisions and looking for someone that has an eye for the bigger picture through extraordinary lenses, then Julie Wadley is the best professional to navigate you to your destination!

Julie helped me to face a couple fears that had been lingering in my professional life.

Deb Besinger is a freelance writer and helps women find more love in their life as a Life, Love and Dating Coach at Kiss of Perspective.

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She is also raising three independent and spirited teenagers as a single mom in Raleigh, North Carolina. I've been meaning to follow up with you for a while now, but work had me tied up (due to numerous deadlines).